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Join us in celebrating the 2021 Emeka Ngadi Scholarship Award recipients

Sara Boubekri will be pursuing a medical degree at Université de Montreal in the coming fall after graduating from Dawson College. In a few words, Sara has passion. She has passion for life, passion for her studies, and, most saliently, passion for humanitarian work. She actively transforms the challenges she faces into tools with which to build her future and she is determined to bring the rest of the world with her. She has spearheaded and participated in multiple scientific research groups, she has taken part in and started many initiatives concerning women’s rights in developing countries and has spent countless hours as a peer tutor. She has even published work on the latest medical innovations at the National Archives of Quebec. Although she has her sights set on neuroscience, she is uncompromising in her desire to make the world a better place through any field she decides to work in.

José Moro Gutiérrez has graduated from John Abbott College and will be pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering at McGill University. He is motivated to bring positive change to his community and his determination stems from his family history. His family’s fight for a better future instilled in him the core values that have driven him his entire life: persistence, integrity, and the importance of education, among others. His experience as Secretary-General of the Model UN club at his school has allowed him to have a better understanding of the socioeconomic, cultural, and political issues facing his generation. José’s greatest dream is to use his future engineering degree, as well as computer programming and AI technology, to be an entrepreneur and an innovator.

Jayden Green has graduated from Pierrefonds Community High School and will be undertaking the Science Program at John Abbott College in the fall of 2021. He enjoys taking on new challenges whether they be at his work, or while he volunteers at his school. Jayden has helped students overcome their difficulties as a tutor and has even taken care of special needs children when he worked as a summer camp counsellor. He works hard and is determined to reach new potentials, not for his grades, but for his own personal development. He finds his greatest accomplishments in projects that will benefit his community in the long term, and he hopes to use his acquired skills to continue to create things that inspire others.

Lynn Nguyen just graduated from Pierrefonds Community High School and will be attending Dawson College in the Enriched Health Science program. She consciously uses her experiences and the experiences of those around her as the backbone for her personal development and as a guide for her future endeavors. Notably, her parents instilled in her compassion and an incredible work ethic that drive her to this day. As a summer camp counsellor in training, Lynn also learned many things about leadership and patience and has used these lessons in her academic life. She finds joy in striving for academic excellence and is motivated by accomplishing her goals. Lynn aims to pursue the health sciences in order to one day become a health practitioner.